Sandia Aerospace Presented the NM Patriotic Employer Award

Albuquerque, NM – Nov 2, 2015:  Sandia Aerospace was presented the NM Patriotic Employer award the ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) luncheon and awards ceremony in Albuquerque, NM.

The Award goes to companies that support American veterans in the National Guard and Reserve who have honorably served their country.  Through the ESGR and the support of private industry, the unemployment rate for New Mexico National Guard and Reserve units has decreased from a high of 22% in 2012 to its current level of just over 3% in 2015.

Dennis Schmidt, Sandia Aerospace President said “Sandia Aerospace stands proud in support of our countries veterans.  They are well trained and disciplined and make terrific employees”.

SAC 7-35 Receive FAA TSO Certification

Albuquerque, NM, April 28, 2009 :: Sandia Aerospace announced today that they have received FAA-TSO approval on their state of the art SAC 7-35 Airdata Computer.  Sandia Aerospace has designed the SAC 7-35 specifically for the new generation of integrated avionics that will provide the pilot with a host of information to make his flying safer and more economical.  Such information as real time Winds Aloft to aid the pilot in selecting the altitude that provides the best cruise performance.  Density Altitude to help determine takeoff off distances and make those important go, no-go decisions, particularly at high altitude airports and those with short runways.  Digital Outside Air Temperature simplifies temperature monitoring to determine when icing conditions may exist.

The SAC 7-35 provides capabilities that usually require four different systems to perform.  The SAC 7-35 is TSO’d as an Altitude Encoder and provides both Gilliam Grey Code for legacy transponders and RS 232 Pressure Altitude outputs for modern designs.  With the addition of a fuel flow transducer(s) the SAC 7-35 supplies digital fuel flow information to navigation systems that have Fuel Flow displays.  Also included in the SAC 7-35 is Sandia Aerospace’s exclusive Altitude In-Flight Monitoring (AIM).  AIM alerts the pilot anytime he deviates more than 100’ feet from his selected altitude.  And of course it is a solid state Air Data Computer that enhances the utility of your navigation system.  Add SANDIA aerospace’s three-year warranty and the SAC 7-35 becomes the best value for your avionics dollar.

The SAC 7-35 is offered to Sandia Aerospace’s worldwide network of Avionics Shop and Modification Centers.