SI-11X Electronic CDI

The SI-11X Electronic Course Deviation Indicator is a panel-mounted device that displays lateral and vertical needles from a typical navigation receiver or GPS navigator. The non-certified SI-11X CDI is intended for the experimental aircraft market

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STX 165 Panel Mounted Transponder

The STX 165 Sports a professional 1/2 3ATI Bezel that complements any aircraft panel. Its bright OLED display is readable in virtually all lighting conditions and automatically dims for night time operations. Check out just a few of the STX 165 features.

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SAE 5-35 Altitude Encoder

The SAE 5-35 from SANDIA Aerospace has set a new standard in providing accurate altitude data. The SAE 5-35 combines the features of three systems into a single compact and reliable package. ALTITUDE ENCODING …The SAE5-35 performs the functions of an Altitude Encoder by providing Gillham Grey code to the aircraft’s mode C transponder.

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