Software Upgrade on the Quattro

From: Sandia Aerospace

Date: 1/8/2116

Effectivity: All SAI 340 Quattro’s S/N 240 and below

Sandia Aerospace is implementing Software Version 15 on the SAI 340 Quattro. This software version provides three product enhancements.

1.Improved roll and pitch performance in high vibration environments.
2.Allow the airspeed to be configured to display in either Kts or MPH
3.Adds an installation configuration mode for the Baro Set Window. This new feature allows the Baro to turn on in three different ways.
a. Reset the Baro to 29.92 upon turn on (this is the current implementation)
b.Retain the last Baro setting at turn off.
c.Retain the last Altitude at Turn off and compute the current Baro at turn on.

This software mod was implemented to meet customer requests and accommodate the SAI 340’s capabilities into as many aircraft configurations as possible.

This upgrade will be provided at no charge to all customers and is recommended for all existing units.

Contact Service at to arrange for your upgrade.